Every ‘Where Art Meets Architecture’ Photography Tutorial with Mike Kelley on Sale Now

Mike Kelley is one of the biggest influencers of modern architectural photography today. This week, every one of Mike’s tutorials is on sale in the Fstoppers Store when you use code “BF2019” at checkout. 

Our first tutorial with Mike started with the fundamentals of real estate photography. In “Where Art Meets Architecture 1,” Mike walks through the basics of shooting and retouching basic real estate gigs. This week only, you can save $100 off this tutorial.

Although WAMA 1 touches on the basics of the differences between shooting real and architecture, WAMA 2 dives into what it means to shoot high-end architecture. We are offering $50 off WAMA 2.

If you want to reach the pinnacle of shooting architecture, you’ll need to learn how to navigate the commercial world. In WAMA 3, Mike walks you through the process of shooting an entire hotel in addition to other large commercial gigs. Save $50 on WAMA 3 before Cyber Monday by using code “BF2019” at checkout.

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