April 6, 2020


Apple Stops Signing iOS 12.1.3 Following Release of iOS 12.1.4

Following the release of iOS 12.1.4 on February 7, Apple has stopped signing iOS 12.1.3, the previous version of iOS that was available to consumers. iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch owners who have upgraded to iOS 12.1.4 will no longer be able to downgrade to iOS 12.1.3. iOS 12.1.4, available
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Eve Extend Review – MacRumors

Mar 24, 2020

Microsoft Debuts New Dual-Screen Devices, Updated Surface Laptops and More

Mar 20, 2020

Twitter for Mac Now Available From Mac App Store

Mar 18, 2020

How to convert PNG and TIFF images to JPG on Mac

Mar 15, 2020

MacRumors Giveaway: Win a Type-C Dual Multimedia Adapter From Satechi

Mar 14, 2020



What is Google Pigweed? Google’s unveils new toys for IoT developers

One might be forgiven for thinking that Google had enough operating systems. Other than Android, Google also owns Chrome OS and Google Fuchsia – the latter of which isn’t even finished yet! But then came murmurs of a project called Pigweed, following a Google trademark that surfaced in February this
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Meet the finalists of the Google Play Indie Games Festival

Mar 30, 2020

Run ARM apps on the Android Emulator

Mar 27, 2020

Google for Games Developer Summit March 2020

Mar 23, 2020

Android Developers Blog: Android 11: Developer Preview 2

Mar 18, 2020

Everything you need to know

Mar 15, 2020




Google Opens Code Search For Angular, Dart, TensorFlow And More

Google has announced the launch of Code Search for its popular open source projects — Angular, Bazel, Dart, ExoPlayer, Firebase SDK, Flutter, Go, gVisor, Kythe, Nomulus, Outline, and Tensorflow. As Kris Hildrum of Google’s Code Search Team puts it, “Code Search is one of Google’s most popular internal tools, and
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Scheduling tasks on Linux using the at command

Apr 6, 2020

Power Search across the web – Feedly Blog

Apr 5, 2020

Chrome, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, VSCode Now Unofficially Available For Clear Linux

Apr 5, 2020

Mozilla will fund open source COVID-19-related technology projects

Apr 4, 2020

Save PDFs To Your Feedly Boards – Feedly Blog

Apr 1, 2020


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