July 14, 2020




Preparing your Gradle build for package visibility in Android 11

Posted by David Winer, Product Manager One of the central themes for Android 11 has been protecting user privacy. On Android 10 and earlier, you could query the full set of installed apps using methods like queryIntentActivities(). Often, however, this approach provides much more access than most apps need to
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How to run Python apps on any platform

Jul 13, 2020

How to concatenate a string in python and more

Jul 12, 2020

Android Developers Blog: 11 Weeks of Android: Android 11 Compatibility

Jul 11, 2020

How to print in Python – Plus advanced tricks

Jul 10, 2020

Android Developers Blog: Accelerating Android Updates

Jul 9, 2020




Device Drivers Training Helps Advance an Embedded Linux Career

In 2018, Anna-Lena Marx was preparing to begin the final thesis for her master’s degree. She was also working for a German company developing kernel drivers and fixing bugs in the Linux kernel and Android internal system. Anna-Lena wanted to improve her Linux kernel development skills, so she applied for
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Understanding US export controls with open source projects

Jul 13, 2020

Driving Compatibility with Code and Specifications through Conformance Trademark Programs

Jul 13, 2020

Open Source Communities and Trademarks: A Reprise

Jul 13, 2020

How to push/send message to iOS and Android from Linux CLI

Jul 8, 2020

All About CLAs and DCOs

Jul 8, 2020


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