May 27, 2020



Overwatch vs. Overwatch 2: What’s the difference?

Best answer: Overwatch 2 will have everything the first Overwatch game offers, on top of an exclusive player-versus-environment (PvE) content, story content, and a visual overhaul. Get the first game: Overwatch ($60 at Microsoft) Announced at Blizzcon 2019, Overwatch 2 is going to be a special version of Overwatch that
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Best External Monitors for Dell XPS 13 9380 in 2019

May 11, 2020

Rainbow Six Siege Phantom Sight’s Nokk and Warden will elevate your game

May 8, 2020

How to watch Satya Nadella’s Ignite 2019 keynote

May 7, 2020

CalDigit Tuff nano review: Speedy external SSD ready for everyday life

Apr 28, 2020

Best Verizon Unlimited Plans for Disney+ in 2019

Apr 25, 2020


Java tutorial for beginners: Write a simple app with no previous experience

Java is one of the most in-demand programming languages in the world and one of the two official programming languages used in Android development (the other being Kotlin). Developers familiar with Java are highly employable and capable of building a wide range of different apps, games, and tools. In this
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Android App Development for Beginners

May 22, 2020

How to use a Python function call

May 22, 2020

What is Python? Get started with your first app!

May 20, 2020

The best Android developer tools for getting started

May 13, 2020

Answers to your questions about app signing by Google Play

May 7, 2020


How to get rid of the Mac’s Catalina upgrade reminder

Getting tired of seeing that persistent notification in your Mac dock to remind you to upgrade to macOS 10.15 Catalina? It’s possible to turn off that notification permanently without having to upgrade. All it requires is a little command-line tinkering, if you’re up for it. Read on for details. Reasons
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Screen Time for Mac found to measure open rather than active app time

May 12, 2020

True black and OLED optimized wallpapers for iPhone XS pack 2

May 4, 2020

Apple releases new version of watchOS 5.3.2 for Apple Watch Series 4

May 2, 2020

Twitch releases an official Apple TV app

May 2, 2020

Make certain aspects of iOS look a lot nicer with Modernize

Apr 30, 2020



World’s First AMD-Only Linux Laptop Officially Announced

TUXEDO Computers has announced the TUXEDO Book BA15, powered by an AMD Ryzen 5 3500U chip for the creation of what the company calls “the world’s first AMD-only and Linux-preinstalled laptop.” The laptop comes with integrated Radeon Vega 8 graphics and features three different memory options, all of them powered
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Systemd Will Change How Your Linux Home Directory Works

May 27, 2020

Ex-Windows chief: Here’s why Microsoft waged war on open source

May 27, 2020

India’s contact tracing app is going open source

May 27, 2020

Google Open-Sources AI for Using Tabular Data to Answer Natural Language Questions

May 27, 2020

Is Open Source the Way Forward for SD-WAN?

May 26, 2020


Shooting an Entire Wedding After Dark

Wedding photography is a difficult enough genre without any extra challenges thrown in the mix, but can you imagine having to shoot a wedding after dark with no flash to help? This interesting video follows a photographer as he tackles that exact challenge and contains some helpful tips in case
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Three Custom Settings I Always Use With Sony Cameras

May 17, 2020

Are You Guilty of These Five Big Composition Mistakes?

May 9, 2020

Premium Image Quality: A Review of the Zeiss Otus 100mm f/1.4 ZE Lens

May 6, 2020

Mike Kelley Critiques Your Architectural Photos

May 3, 2020

Ever Wondered How Photography Studios are Built?

May 1, 2020

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