The Power of Persistence: Taking 300 Bad Photos for One Good Photo

Photography can be a frustrating pursuit, particularly when you feel excited about an image, only to come home and fall back to Earth as you realize it is not actually that great. What about when that happens 300 times in a row? Could you still persevere until you got a photo worth keeping?

Coming to you from Evan Ranft, this great video follows him as he shows the reality of how hard he has to work and how many times he has to fail before he gets an image he thinks is worth keeping. When we see photographer we admire constantly posting astounding images and nothing else, it can be easy to forget that their collection of photos goes through a massive filter before reaching their portfolio, with only the very best reaching it, and likely orders of magnitude more going to the trash. A lot of photography is simply persevering through the missed shots until you get one worth keeping. That being said, neither Ranft nor I are advocating a spray and pray approach; notice how he still approaches each shot with a plan and breaks down why it didn’t work so he can learn from his mistakes and become better with each shutter press. Check out the video above for Ranft’s full thoughts. 

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