The Decline of Instagram: Should Photographers Start Using Other Platforms?

One of the things that I’ve noticed over the last year on Instagram is just how little of an effect most of my efforts make. A few years ago, we were quite literally receiving thousands of likes and hundreds of new followers daily. Today, I’m lucky if I get anywhere near a hundred likes on new posts, and my follower count remains pretty stagnant. 

In his latest video, Gary Vaynerchuk discusses how the days of organic growth on Instagram are well and truly over. Now, I’m pretty certain that most of us here have probably heard something or experienced something similar. This is of course not anything new and not a groundbreaking statement by any means. What’s interesting, however, is how Vaynerchuk discusses another social media platform called TikTok. I personally have little to no understanding of what this platform is all about, but based on how Vaynerchuk describes it, I’m well and truly intrigued. I can appreciate that many of us may be apprehensive when it comes to social media and some of us may even disdain the whole idea of it. The problem is that as we sit back with our upper lips curled looking at all the “influencers,” they’re out there doing something useful. It can be difficult getting an audience for the work we produce, especially now when there are so many more artists vying for the same. I believe that my previous mentality on social media may not have been effective and could have prevented me from progressing even more than I have. For this reason, I’m interested to see if a platform like TikTok could be beneficial to photographers and the industry as a whole. 

If you have experience using this platform already, I’m very interested to know your thoughts and perspectives. 

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