Should You Invest in Gear, Marketing, or Education?

Photography is certainly not a cheap endeavor, and it can be difficult to know where to invest your money to maximize your chances of success. Gear is undoubtedly fun, but there is more to success than just that new camera, and this great video explores where you should consider investing your money beyond just equipment.

Coming to you from Chase Turnbow, this thought-provoking video discusses where you should consider investing your money as a photographer or videographer. Give any photographer a wad of cash to spend, and they are most likely to think about spending it on gear. And that is totally understandable: new gear is fun, and it is a tangible thing; you can hold your investment and have a tactile sense of its value. Marketing and education do not have that same tactile advantage, but they are equally (if not more) important to your success than the latest piece of gear. A photographer with a previous generation camera but strong business skills will always be more successful than a photographer with the latest and greatest gear but no sense of how to run a business or market themselves. Check out the video above for Turnbow’s full thoughts. 

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