How to Make Your Wide Angle Landscape Photos Better

Wide angle lenses are the bread and butter choice for numerous landscape photographers, but they also come with their own unique set of challenges. If you struggle with getting good images with your wide angle lens, this great video will walk you through the process of creating a couple photos using one.

Coming to you from Mark Denney, this excellent video follows him as he creates a few images using his wide angle lens. Wide angle lenses are generally the first choice for a lot of landscape images, simply because nature often occurs on a large scale, and you will want to fit a lot of the scene into a single image. However, it is not as straightforward as slapping the lens on your camera and going to work. The problem is that wide angle lenses tend to push the background away, and without a compelling foreground element and a compositional plan to lead the eye through the image, the result can end up feeling a bit empty. Check out the video above for lots of helpful tips from Denney.

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