The Powerful Canon R5 Mirrorless Camera Will Ship This Summer, But Something Even Better Is Coming

Canon dropped quite a bombshell when it announced the EOS R5, a camera that shows the company is very serious about the mirrorless revolution. Though the company typically works on their own timeline a bit independent of the faster rates of other companies, it seems they are fast-tracking the R5 a bit, with an expected shipping date coming this summer.

Canon Rumors is reporting that the R5 is expected to begin shipping prior to this year’s Olympics, which begin on July 24. The R5 sent shockwaves through the photography world recently, as it will offer some remarkable features like 8K video, a 20 fps burst rate using the electronic shutter (12 fps mechanical), and in-body image stabilization. And while the R5 will likely be more than enough camera for a lot of users, Canon Rumors is sure that we will see something even crazier from Canon next year, an R1 of sorts. This would not be surprising, as the 5D has always been Canon’s bread and butter workhorse camera, with the 1D series being their flagship. After seeing the R5’s specs, I know I am certainly interested to see what the R1 has in store. It is going to be an exciting year for Canon shooters! 

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