Photographer With 20 Years Sales Experience Responds to Critics About His Approach to Pricing

SLR Lounge’s Pye Jirsa has built a successful photography education business based on his success as a portrait and wedding photographer. There is no doubt that he has both the creative and business chops to offer accurate and informative advice on pricing and sales; however, some viewers don’t share his opinions.

Pricing can be one of the most difficult aspects of a photography business to wrap one’s head around. It takes a lot of trial and error, head-scratching, and head-banging to get things right. Even then — and as we can see in this video — people’s opinions differ wildly on the best strategies. I still struggle with it, and every so often, I get a DM or an email from someone who’s starting out and looking for advice. I give them as an honest an answer as I can, which goes something like: “I had the exact same questions starting out. It’s tough, but you just need to start trying things — experience is one of the greatest teachers. But also, invest in your education.” The last part is particularly relevant to this video.

As Jirsa states here, loads of photographers stress about what piece of gear to buy next in order to improve the quality of their photos and thus gain more clients; we have this completely backwards. Who would have thought that the most important skill to have when running a business is solid knowledge about how to run said business? And yet, we quite often forget this, instead imagining all these fawning clients flooding through the doors just because we have good images. I used the word “we” there deliberately. I suck at marketing and sales — two crucial aspects of running a business — but I neglected both when starting out. So, I feel that it’s important to share this type of information as much as possible. It’s not enough to invest in good equipment; you need to invest in yourself.

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