The Most Important Piece of Advice to Creators in 2020 From a Creator

As the 2019 year is gone, it’s time to start setting goals and making this your best year to date. In this article, hear the most important piece of advice to creators in 2020 and learn how to maximize your creative growth. 

What sets the new year apart from all the other ones? Ask yourself: “Did I accomplish everything I set out to do in the previous year? How can I continue to grow and improve?”

One of the biggest things I find that stands between people and achieving their goals are the excuses we make, which ultimately lead to procrastination. In this short, but inspiring 10-minute video put out by Toronto-based YouTuber and filmmaker Matti Haapoja, he has a heart-to-heart honest conversation with his audience about his advice for upcoming creatives. Even after Haapoja released over 150 videos for his channel this past year, he reflects on the fact that he wants to level up his cinematography and push the quality of his videos to to the next level. He tells us that in order to grow and improve your craft, you must: 

Learn. Make. Repeat. 

This simple sentiment could not be any more relatable. When we first pick up a camera, we have all the glamorous ideas in our heads, but have no clue how to get our vision into the world. So, we learn, and then, we repeat. We go on YouTube and spend hours a day learning, but in turn, neglect to go out and create. Without going out and applying that knowledge, the next day disappears and the cycle begins again. So, by the time I finished the video, I was instantly inspired to just start making things next year and taking action. 

What goals do you have planned for 2020? Share them in the comment section below! 

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