How Is Instagram Changing the Creation and Experience of Art?

There is certainly no denying that Instagram has had a massive impact on the consumption and experience of art, but that impact extends beyond just the consumers of art to the very creators themselves. Is it for better or worse, and how is our experience of art going to evolve in the future? This fascinating video discusses these ideas and how Instagram is shaping the future.

Coming to you from The Art Assignment, this excellent video discusses Instagram, our engagement with it, and its interaction with and influence on our experience and creation of art. Instagram (and similar social media) has certainly changed the experience of art for many: even a decade ago, a visit to a museum was a self-contained interaction — something done solely for one’s own enrichment. But now, part of that experience lies outside the building, where the interaction of art is not just about its consumption, but the proof of that experience, showing the world that one was there. But that is only the beginning: social media has allowed creators to disseminate their work to far greater audiences than ever before, but in turn, the consumers have often influenced the work of the creators. It’s a fascinating evolution; check out the video above for more. 

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