Do You Need to Shoot Raw or Will JPEG Suffice?

Modern sensors are quite remarkable, and pretty much any newer camera can produce good-looking JPEGs so long as you properly expose. With that in mind, you might wonder if you really need to shoot raw files all the time, or if you can go with the ease and convenience of JPEG. This great video will answer that question for you.

Coming to you from The Snap Chick, this helpful video takes a look at the issue of shooting JPEGs versus shooting raw files. The nice thing about JPEGs is that they are much smaller in size and more manageable, particularly as sensor resolutions continue to balloon, creating larger and larger raw files. And while the cost of storage is always coming down, that may still make them a draw for you. On the other hand, they contain less data than a raw file, and thus, they will give you less latitude to work with when editing. Still, there may be situations in which you do not plan to push the file very far and are just looking for a solution that is a bit more convenient and space-saving, particularly if you are bringing home thousands of images. Check out the video above for more. 

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