Month: January 2019

Best and Most Reliable Hard Drives for Synology NAS: Black Friday 2019 – Deals & Buyer’s Guide

Source: Windows Central Best Hard Drives for your NAS Windows Central 2019 Choosing the right hard drives for your network-attached storage (NAS) is incredibly important. Western Digital and Seagate are the two giants for storage, and both companies offer an almost identical offering specifically designed with servers in mind. This […]

Photographer Finds Himself the Subject of a Social Media Witch Hunt After Taking Photos at a Fair, Accused of Pedophilia

A Californian street photographer awoke to find himself the subject of a vicious, viral Facebook post filled with accusations that contained photos of his face. The post referred to him as a “P.O.S.” and insinuated he was a pedophile after he spent the afternoon documenting strangers, including families, at a county […]