Improve Your Beauty and Portrait Work: Build a $60 Posing Table

Posing tables are one of those accessories you don’t know you need until you get one, and then, you cannot live without it. The only problem: its cost. So, let’s see how you can build a DIY version for under $60.

When shooting beauty or portrait, posing tables are fantastic to help the model hold their pose for longer and even improve the posing for a more natural result. Having a table to rest the elbows on can make a tremendous difference in the posing. A few years ago, I tried to look for a posing table, but only found options that were quite costly, such as the Photogenic Tony Posing Table, which costs about $250. Nowadays, cheaper alternatives are available, but they don’t look very comfortable for the model to pose on. For example, the Impact Posing Table only costs $85. That’s if you are based in the USA; otherwise, count the same amount for the shipping cost and add custom and import duty fees on top of it.

The third option is DIY. I recently noticed a few photographers talking about it in different Facebook groups, and then, I discovered the video above by Evens Leandre. He managed to create his own for less than $60! The only thing that you’ll have to buy in a camera shop is a wall plate to mount the table on one of your light stands or c-stands.

Leandre uses a stapler to fix the fabric onto the board. Alternatively, if you don’t own one or want to create a more customizable table, you can use Velcro instead. By using Velcro, you can then even change and wash the fabric. So this way, if you want your posing table to become a reflector, swap out the fabric! And if the fabric is dirty, you can put it in the washing machine.

I personally feel like the DIY version offers more possibilities than the pre-made posing tables. Being able to swap out fabric, change the foam when it gets too old, create the exact size you need, it all just makes it that much better than the ones sold in camera shops. Also, if you own a saw, it’s not too difficult to cut out an arch and make it even more comfortable for your model.

What do you think of posing tables? Do you own one? If yes, which model and make did you get? Also if you create your own, be sure to share a picture and your thoughts in the comments below.

Lead image team credits: Photographer & Retoucher: Quentin Décaillet | Model: Katarina of Visage International Management Zurich | MUAH: Mélanie Jungo

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