Month: August 1994

Windows for IoT adds expanded silicon support and new intelligent edge capabilities to accelerate digital transformation

The world of IoT is more exciting than ever, transforming every business on the planet, and that transformation is accelerating. Advances in AI and ML are helping companies across industries gain efficiencies; reduce downtime, waste, and errors; and improve customer satisfaction by harnessing the power of the Intelligent Edge and […]

OWC launches new stackable ThunderBlade SSD with $1500 price drop on 8TB model, daisy-chaining, up to 3800 MB/s speeds, more

OWC is out today with an update to its ThunderBlade SSD for Mac. The second generation of the fast, high-capacity ThunderBlade includes two Thunderbolt 3 ports, speeds up to 3800 MB/s, daisy-chaining for up to 48TB or SSD storage, stack-ability, and a $400-$1500 price drop depending on the capacity. OWC […]