Revised MacOS Catalina‌‌ Supplemental Update Released

MacOS Catalina

Apple has released a new revised version of the MacOS Catalina Supplemental Update that was initially released last week.

It’s unclear why a revised version of the supplemental update was made available, or if any new features or changes are included. Release notes accompanying the download remain the same, however.

The newly updated MacOS Catalina Supplemental Update brings macOS 10.15 to build 19A603 (whereas the prior weeks supplemental build was 19A602).

Installing Revised MacOS Catalina 10.15 Supplemental Update

Always backup Mac with Time Machine or your preferred backup method before installing any system software update.

  1. Go to the  Apple menu and choose “System Preferences”
  2. Select “Software Update”
  3. Choose ‘Update’ on the MacOS Catalina 10.15 Supplemental Update

If other updates are available that you want to avoid, remember that you can selectively install specific software updates in MacOS.

On the other hand, if you’re running a prior macOS release and you’re currently wishing to avoid Catalina for whatever reason, you can learn how to hide MacOS Catalina from Software Update on Mac here.

Release Notes for Revised MacOS Catalina Supplemental Update

Release notes accompanying the revised supplemental update are the same as the prior supplemental update:

“The ‌‌macOS Catalina‌‌ Supplemental Update includes installation and reliability improvements, and is recommended for all users.

This update:

– Improves installation reliability of ‌‌macOS Catalina‌‌ on Macs with low disk space

– Fixes an issue that prevented Setup Assistant from completing during some installations

– Resolves an issue that prevents accepting iCloud Terms and Conditions when multiple ‌‌iCloud‌‌ accounts are logged in

– Improves the reliability of saving Game Center data when playing Apple Arcade games offline”

It’s unclear why Apple didn’t rename the new build of the update as “macOS Catalina‌‌ Supplemental Update 2” or something more clearly distinct, though it’s possible the revision is merely addressing an issue specific to the prior supplemental update.

MacOS Catalina installs and works fine for most Mac users, but some users have reported various problems with the new macOS 10.15 operating system. If you’re running MacOS Catalina, you should update to the latest software updates as they become available.

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