Month: March 1984

2020 iPhones could be powered by a smaller, faster 5-nanometer processor

TSMC, the world’s top semiconductor foundry, announced today that it’s five-nanometer technology that benefits from process simplification provided by extreme ultraviolet lithography is now available and in preliminary risk production. TSMC is the sole manufacturer of Apple-designed processors for iOS devices and while the announcement doesn’t name any clients, it’s […]

Apple Arcade Gains Four New Games, Including Ballistic Baseball and PAC-MAN Party Royale

Apple Arcade gained a batch of new games today for the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac. The latest titles available include real-time player-versus-player baseball game “Ballistic Baseball,” gravity-based puzzle game “Manifold Garden,” the classic “PAC-MAN Party Royale,” and horror-themed game “Things That Go Bump.” Ballistic Baseball is not yet […]

Security analyst finds fake cell carrier apps are tracking iPhone location and listening in on phone calls

In yet another abuse of the enterprise distribution program, security analyst Lookout has identified apps (via TechCrunch) that were pretending to be published by cell carriers in Italy and Turkmenistan. The apps were available for iPhone users to download through Safari as they were signed by an enterprise certificate. These […]