Photographer Compares an iPhone 11 Pro Against His $13,000 Camera

iPhone 11 Pro steps in the ring against Fuji GFX 100 in the other corner. David versus Goliath. Can you guess which of the images is shot on a mobile phone? No, it’s not a trick question.

Ten years back, such an article would have been inconceivable. But today, we’ve seen mobile devices step up their game and try to compete with the quality and look of images from cameras that are considered not just for professionals, but for high-end productions: medium format cameras. This is the case with photographer Josh Rossi, who takes a bold step to compare his $13,000 Fuji GFX 100 against the iPhone 11 Pro. If you think it matters, the Fuji has 100 MP, while the iPhone has 12 MP. Both devices are shooting in raw mode. Ross shows the original photos without any color or contrast corrections and the versions after a few minor tweaks. The results are really surprising. The photographer also creates a poster with an image shot on the iPhone. You can see the result at the end of the video.

With the advancement of the mobile phones, photographers that rely entirely on the technical advantages of their cameras, such as shallow depth of field and resolution, will have to either step down or find a greater advantage to market themselves with. Today, non-professionals are able produce shallow depth of field with a device that can also make calls.

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