A Comparison of the Autofocus in the a7R III, a7R IV, and a9

Sony’s a7R III, a7R IV, and a9 are some of the latest and greatest from the camera manufacturer, and with them come some powerful autofocus capabilities for demanding photographers. How do the three cameras stack up against each other? This excellent comparison review takes a look at the autofocus systems in all three cameras to help see which is right for you. 

Coming to you from Dustin Abbott, this excellent video takes a look at the autofocus systems of the a7R III, a7R IV, and a9. All three cameras have some mightily impressive autofocus capabilities, but there are differences in each, and if you are shooting anything that relies heavily on AF capabilities (sports, wildlife, etc.), what are seemingly minutiae in capabilities can end up making the difference in whether you get the shot you need or not. Unsurprisingly, the a9 still seems to hold the top honors, but the R series cameras offer near-flagship levels of AF performance, and that combined with their resolution and respectively fast continuous rates may tip photographers’ preferences in their direction. Check out the video above to hear Abbott’s full thoughts on all the systems. 

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