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Each and every Meditation Spot in Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Along side discovering collectibles, there are different causes to discover in Kena: Bridge of Spirits, together with to search out and employ Meditation Spots to elevate Kena’s most HP. There are more than a few quests to finish during Kena: Bridge of Spirits, and no less than 16 difficult bosses to combat.

The sport has 12 Meditation Spots scattered throughout more than a few spaces. A few of them can also be tricky to find, however discovering they all is worth it. At every spot, Kena will forestall to meditate which completely will increase her well being. With bosses just like the Corrupt Rot God to combat later within the sport, expanding Kena’s well being is may have a vital impact on how difficult every boss is. Gamers can monitor down the Meditation Spots in seven other spaces of the sport.

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Discovering each Meditation Spot in Kena: Bridge of Spirits will take a little time. They’re situated within the Village, Taro’s Tree, Rusu Mountain, the Forgotten Wooded area, the Fields, the Village Middle, and the Mountain Shrine. Each and every house has one to 3 Meditation Spots for Kena to seek advice from and make the most of. The spots can also be known through the sparkling blue circle discovered at every location.

The Village

  • Defeat the Masks Maker boss and head to the appropriate to search out the Meditation Spot on the fringe of a cliff.
  • There is a Meditation Spot instantly forward after beating the Hunter boss.
  • After receiving the Village Crest relic, there might be a Meditation Spot proper in entrance of Kena.

Taro’s Tree

Rusu Mountain

The Forgotten Wooded area

  • Cross to the Sacred Tree warp stone and apply the trail till attaining a small bridge. Cross left to apply the river upstream to discover a blue stone around the water. Shoot it to lift two platforms, then proceed to the Meditation Spot.
  • There is a Wooded area Tear at the trail to the Lantern Cave that can be utilized to transparent the corruption at the left. Doing so will expose some other Meditation Spot.

The Fields

  • There is a Meditation Sot overlooking the ocean at the plateau of the tall tower beside some ruins.
  • Cross to the Forge warp stone and into the again room. There is a spot that Kena can climb up and shimmy throughout to achieve a ledge and bounce throughout to the following development over. The Meditation Spot might be within.
  • This Meditation Spot will seem in entrance of Kena after defeating the Corrupt Woodsmith.

The Village Middle

  • Cross into the cave close to the Village Middle front. Head throughout the cave and out of doors to the left, then transparent the corruption underneath. Use a bomb to convey up the platforms and get around the hole to search out the Meditation Spot.

The Mountain Shrine

  • The ultimate Meditation Spot seems after defeating the Corrupt Rot God and finishing the sport. Gamers would possibly wish to depart the world and return to meditate if it does not paintings the primary time.

Gamers must center of attention on discovering Meditation Spots if they’re having hassle surviving in struggle. Expanding Kena’s well being will assist with boss battles, particularly later within the sport. Discovering all 12 spots in Kena: Bridge of Spirits will take just a little of time and exploration, however they grant a tight praise, and any completionist participant will wish to monitor them down.

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Kena: Bridge of Spirits is to be had on Ps four, Ps five, and PC.

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