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Weekly Local weather and Power Information Roundup #411

The Week That Used to be: 2020-02-29 (February 29, 2020)

Dropped at You via SEPP (www.SEPP.org)

The Science and Environmental Coverage Undertaking

Quote of the Week: If everyone seems to be pondering alike, then nobody is pondering.” – Benjamin Franklin

Collection of the Week: $61,937


By means of Ken Haapala, President, Science and Environmental Coverage Undertaking (SEPP)

Inexperienced Desires: Many political leaders and political factions have very little working out of the significance of dependable, predictable electrical energy to trendy civilization and financial wellbeing. With out totally demonstrated examples of luck, a lot of native and nationwide governments have handed rules phasing out electrical energy generated via fossil fuels in accordance with the realization that wind and photo voltaic can substitute fossil fuels. This “inexperienced dream” could grow to be a nightmare.

In the United Kingdom, the World Warming Coverage Basis (GWPF) has produced a collection of reviews estimating that taking out fossil fuels from:

“the electrical energy gadget and home housing within the subsequent 3 a long time will charge over £2.Three trillion kilos. The general invoice will surpass £Three trillion, or £100,000 in line with family, as soon as the price of decarbonising primary emitting sectors like production, delivery and agriculture are integrated.”

The federal government has didn’t make public the prices concerned:

“In step with the Committee on Local weather Trade (CCC) the prices for Web 0 in 2050 are ‘manageable’: ‘…we estimate an higher annual useful resource charge to the United Kingdom financial system from attaining a net-zero [greenhouse gas] goal that can upward thrust to round 1–2% of GDP via 2050.’ [Boldface added]

“But, the CCC has resisted makes an attempt to have its calculations disclosed beneath FOI law. Much more remarkably, it has admitted that it has now not in truth calculated a price for the length 2020–2049. The verdict via Parliament to adopt your entire decarbonisation of the United Kingdom financial system is thus uncosted.

“In step with GWPF director Benny Peiser, the 2 new reviews constitute the primary significant makes an attempt to pin down the price of web 0:

“‘Even though the Committee on Local weather Trade claims that web 0 will also be accomplished at modest charge, they’ve now quietly admitted that they’ve now not in truth ready any detailed costing. Sadly, Parliament turns out to have taken them at their phrase, and we are actually launched into a task that dangers bankrupting the rustic.’”

To place the irresponsible govt movements into point of view, consistent with the Workplace of Nationwide Statistics the

“Median family disposable source of revenue in the United Kingdom was once £29,400 within the economic 12 months finishing (FYE) 2019” https://www.ons.gov.united kingdom/peoplepopulationandcommunity/personalandhouseholdfinances/incomeandwealth/announcements/householddisposableincomeandinequality/financialyearending2019provisional

Thus, a price of about £100,000 in line with family is greater than 3 times the present family disposable source of revenue.

Even though the United States has now not enacted a identical plan, a number of states and localities have. Researchers for Energy the Long term and the Aggressive Endeavor Institute ready estimates for 11 states. The prices for the primary 12 months of enforcing the proposed Inexperienced New Deal will probably be about $75,000 in line with family. In 2018, the median family source of revenue for the United States 25 maximum populous metro places was once about $65,000. Even though politicians won’t declare this to be a objective, the movements of many them in the United Kingdom and the United States will bankrupt atypical electorate and the majority of the inhabitants or create an unsustainable debt.

https://www.census.gov/content material/dam/Census/library/publications/2019/acs/acsbr18-01.pdf

Even worse, there are not any commercially viable electrical energy methods in accordance with wind and photo voltaic that don’t require backup from fossil fuels. Efforts have all failed, corresponding to El Hierro within the Canary Islands and King Island, Tasmania. Even within the windy Canary Islands, wind failed for unpredictably lengthy classes of time Rescue required diesel. The sparkling internet website online for King Island states:

“King Island is a world-leading hybrid persistent gadget that gives dependable and safe electrical energy delivery utilizing a excessive percentage of renewable calories (65% in line with annum).” [Boldface added] https://www.hydro.com.au/medical doctors/default-source/clean-energy/hybrid-energy-solutions/king_island.pdf?sfvrsn=f3ad4828_2

The remainder of the time, diesel is needed. Moreover, the quoted places are among the finest anyplace for photo voltaic and/or wind manufacturing. Many reviews have concluded that during the United States wind and photo voltaic can’t produce extra that about Four% of nationwide wishes, on a mean foundation, even though midnight diesel backup is supplied. As mentioned in earlier TWTWs, few places on this planet have enough vacant land places at elevation variations and water availability important to make pumped-hydro garage viable. Pumped-hydro garage of surplus electrical energy is the one confirmed large-scale garage gadget. This is a 100-year-old generation and has been proven to paintings satisfactorily most effective with electric methods with constant, predictable surpluses, corresponding to in Tub, Virginia, which is determined by coal and nuclear. About 20 to 30% of the calories is misplaced within the pumped-hydro procedure.

The concern of catastrophic international warming this is riding this political effort is in accordance with unrealistic laptop units that can’t describe what is going on within the present setting, a lot much less ready to are expecting what is going to happen 30 or 80 years from now. Mistakes could also be buried in tens of 1000’s of strains of laptop code. This is why rigorous checking out of result of laptop units in opposition to the most productive bodily proof should be finished, yet it’s not.

As an alternative of correcting mistakes in predictions in opposition to exact proof, as required via the medical way, the United States weather modelers seem to be assembly the calls for of the UN and intensifying error. Thus, the weather modeling effort is coming into the area of science fiction. And politicians concerned don’t perceive the adaptation between science and science fiction. See hyperlinks beneath Wondering Eu Inexperienced and Wondering Inexperienced In other places.


Style Issues: Following some correspondence, Richard Courtney of the United Kingdom, who has printed a lot of articles in journals, supplied TWTW together with his 2008 reaction to a request via US Senator James Inhofe. In it, Courtney discusses the nice weak point of world weather units and why they must now not be used to set long-term coverage even though they accurately described the present setting, which on the other hand they don’t. The problems Courtney raised in 2008 follow as we speak, for the reason that units have now not been corrected for mistakes, which might be turning into extra critical.

Inhofe’s Query #Four: “As coverage discussions advance within the subsequent Congress, do you consider weather units exist which are able to that specialize in explicit places to present extra dependable predictions for the long run? If now not. on your estimate, how lengthy till such units will also be advanced?”

Courtney’s solution:

“I don’t assume there are any units of world weather able to offering adequately dependable predictions for the long run, and I believe such units won’t have the ability to construction inside the life of any one now alive. Causes for this opinion are either theoretical and pragmatic.

“No type’s predictions must be depended on until the type has demonstrated forecasting talent. As defined above [in Courtney’s paper], not one of the weather units has existed for 20, 50 or 100 years so it’s not conceivable to evaluate their predictive capacity at the foundation in their demonstrated forecasting talent; i.e. they’ve no demonstrated forecasting talent and, subsequently, their predictions are unreliable. Put bluntly, predictions of the long run supplied via present weather units have the similar stage of demonstrated reliability as has the casting of rooster bones for predicting the long run.

“The facility of a pc type to seem to constitute present actuality is not any information to the type’s predictive skill. As an example, the pc type referred to as ‘F1 Racing’ is commercially to be had. It’s in accordance with bodily rules (if it weren’t then the racing vehicles would now not behave realistically), and ‘F1 Racing’ is a a lot more correct illustration of motor racing than any GCM is of world weather. However the skill of an individual to win a race as demonstrated via ‘F1 Racing’ isn’t a sign that the individual may perhaps or would win the Monte Carlo Grande Prix if installed an actual racing automotive. In a similar way, an look of actuality supplied via a GCM can’t be taken as a sign of the GCM’s predictive skill within the absence of the GCM having any demonstrated forecasting talent.

“Moreover, the weather units are in accordance with assumptions that will not be proper. The fundamental assumption used within the units is that adjust to weather is pushed via exchange to radiative forcing. And it is important to to recognise that this assumption has now not been demonstrated to be proper. Certainly, it’s fairly conceivable that there’s no pressure or procedure inflicting weather to change. I provide an explanation for this as follows.

“The weather gadget is looking for an equilibrium that it by no means achieves. The Earth obtains radiant calories from the Solar and radiates that calories again to area. The calories enter to the gadget (from the Solar) could also be consistent (even supposing some doubt that), however the rotation of the Earth and its orbit across the Solar be sure that the calories enter/output is rarely in highest equilibrium.

“The weather gadget is an middleman within the means of returning (maximum of) the calories to area (some calories is radiated from the Earth’s floor again to area). And the Northern and Southern hemispheres have other protection via oceans. Due to this fact, because the 12 months progresses the modulation of the calories enter/output of the gadget varies. Therefore, the gadget is all the time in the hunt for equilibrium yet by no means achieves it.

Courtney mentioned the difficulties of working out equilibrium, harmonics, and oscillation in a weather gadget. Then continues:

“Then again, there could also be no procedure for the reason that weather is a chaotic gadget. Due to this fact, the noticed oscillations (ENSO, NAO, and so forth.) might be commentary of the gadget in the hunt for its chaotic attractor(s) in accordance with its in the hunt for equilibrium in a converting state of affairs.

“Very, importantly, there may be an obvious ~900-year oscillation that brought about the Roman Heat Length (RWP), then the Darkish Age Cool Length (DACP), then the Medieval Heat Length (MWP), then the Little Ice Age (LIA), and the existing heat length (PWP). The entire noticed upward thrust of world temperature within the 20th century might be restoration from the LIA this is very similar to the restoration from the DACP to the MWP. And the ~900-year oscillation might be the chaotic weather gadget in the hunt for its attractor(s). If that is so, then all international weather units and ‘attribution reviews’ used by IPCC [UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change] and CCSP [US Climate Change Science Program, changed to US Global Change Research Program] are in accordance with the false premise that there’s a pressure or procedure inflicting weather to switch when no such pressure or procedure exists.

“However the assumption that weather exchange is pushed via radiative forcing could also be proper. If that is so, then it’s nonetheless extraordinarily unbelievable that – inside the foreseeable destiny – the weather units might be advanced to a state wherein they may supply dependable predictions. It is because the weather gadget is terribly complicated. Certainly, the weather gadget is extra complicated than the human mind (the weather gadget has extra interacting parts – e.g. organic organisms – than the human mind has interacting parts – e.g. neurons), and no one claims with the intention to assemble a competent predictive type of the human mind. It’s natural hubris to think that the weather units are enough”

See hyperlinks beneath Difficult the Orthodoxy.


Climate and Local weather: Ultimate week, TWTW mentioned the problems raised via Meteorologist Cliff Mass in advocating larger laptop assets for use in US numerical climate prediction beneath NOAA’s Nationwide Climate Carrier. Correct climate prediction is necessary, and enhancements are necessary. This week, Mass items arguments why the United States must be a pacesetter in numerical climate prediction. Amongst them:

“2. The U.S. has the biggest climate study neighborhood on this planet– no country or teams of countries is even shut. Thus, we’ve got the medical infrastructure and experience to be the most productive.”

“Three. Many International locations and Firms Rely on U.S. Numerical Climate Prediction and Can’t Have enough money the ECMWF or UKMET Forecast Merchandise. Identical with U.S. universities.”

“Five. U.S. Numerical Climate Prediction Analysis and Operation is Spending Extra Cash Than Any Different Country or Teams of Country.”

“6. World Climate and Local weather Prediction are Converging.” [See link to Mass]

“7. Operational Climate Prediction is a Key Testbed for Comparing Bodily Working out of the Surroundings.”

Issues 2, Five, and six lift an issue. America climate study neighborhood is beneath The Nationwide Middle for Atmospheric Analysis (NCAR) in Boulder. NCAR has a significant laptop facility in Cheyenne, Wyoming, which has an enormous laptop capacity.

The biggest unmarried organization utilizing this facility is:

“The Local weather Simulation Laboratory (CSL), which was once established in 1995, represents CISL’s premier alternative for researchers in the hunt for high-performance computing and information garage methods to help extraordinarily hard, high-profile weather simulations. Such simulations require excessive solution, span many centuries of simulated time, surround wide numbers of ensembles, combine new physics or units, or deal with nationwide and foreign medical priorities.

“CSL initiatives’ large-scale, long-running simulations usually require thousands and thousands of core-hours to finish and veritably produce many terabytes of type output that should be saved for research and comparability with different simulations and with observations.” [Boldface added]

As demonstrated via John Christy and mentioned within the November Nine, 2019 TWTW, there’s a important divergence between the temperature tendencies noticed within the setting and what the units utilized by CSL and NCAR calculate (See CCSM & CESM within the graph). The divergence grows after 1995, when CSL was once established. There seems to be no effort via the CSL & NCAR to proper its units to what’s being noticed within the setting. Basic to the medical way is identity and correction of error. Due to this fact, CSL and the management of NCAR seem to be ignoring the medical way. See hyperlinks beneath Converting Climate and http://www.sepp.org/twtwfiles/2019/TWTW%2011-Nine-19.pdf (beneath Nature v Fashions)


Collection of the Week: $61,937. In step with the United States Census Bureau, the estimated 2018 genuine median family source of revenue was once $61,937 for the United States. As mentioned above, the estimated prices of enforcing the Inexperienced New Deal is ready $75,000 in line with family for the 11 states studied. In step with those calculations, the Inexperienced New deal would bankrupt all folks of median source of revenue and under (about 58% of the inhabitants). The Census Bureau tables demonstrate that the one states that experience a 2018 median family source of revenue above $75,000 are California, Connecticut, District of Columbia (the best possible), Hawaii, Maryland, and New Jersey. The 11 states studied aren’t in this listing.

Apparently that many politicians do not need a clue about what their grand plans will charge, nor do they seem to care. See hyperlinks beneath Wondering Inexperienced In other places and https://www.census.gov/library/publications/2019/acs/acsbr18-01.html



Don’t be expecting a TWTW subsequent week, yet it’s going to go back at the weekend of March 14.



The Educational Blacklist Local weather Alarmists Don’t Need You To Know About

Editorial via Frank Bullitt, I & I, Feb 28, 2020


Suppressing Medical Inquiry

Medical Stagnation Is No longer Inevitable

By means of Daniel Tenreiro, Nationwide Assessment, Feb 25, 2020


“A brand new paper sheds mild on how the U.S. science neighborhood discourages innovation.”

Difficult the Orthodoxy — NIPCC

Local weather Trade Reconsidered II: Bodily Science

Idso, Carter, and Singer, Lead Authors/Editors, Nongovernmental World Panel on Local weather Trade (NIPCC), 2013


Abstract: https://www.heartland.org/_template-assets/paperwork/CCR/CCR-II/Abstract-for-Policymakers.pdf

Local weather Trade Reconsidered II: Organic Affects

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Abstract: https://www.heartland.org/media-library/pdfs/CCR-IIb/Abstract-for-Policymakers.pdf

Local weather Trade Reconsidered II: Fossil Fuels

By means of A couple of Authors, Bezdek, Idso, Legates, and Singer eds., Nongovernmental World Panel on Local weather Trade, April 2019


Obtain with out a rate:

http://climatechangereconsidered.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Local weather-Trade-Reconsidered-II-Fossil-Fuels-FULL-Quantity-with-covers.pdf

Why Scientists Disagree About World Warming

The NIPCC Record at the Medical Consensus

By means of Craig D. Idso, Robert M. Carter, and S. Fred Singer, Nongovernmental World Panel on Local weather Trade (NIPCC), Nov 23, 2015


Obtain with out a rate:


Nature, No longer Human Task, Regulations the Local weather

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World Sea-Degree Upward thrust: An Analysis of the Knowledge

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Difficult the Orthodoxy

Hijacking the Winds of Trade

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Letter to Senator James Inhofe about Depending on IPCC (Richard Courtney) UK [Nov 3, 2008]

Posted via John Shanahan, All About Power, Aug 25, 2019


An Evaluation of Validation Experiments Performed on Laptop Fashions of World Local weather

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Misuse of Eventualities within the Fourth U.S. Nationwide Local weather Evaluation

By means of Roger Pielke, His Weblog, Feb 25, 2020


Polar Endure Scientists Might Be Hiding Excellent Information

Press Unlock, GWPF, Feb 27, 2020


Hyperlink to document: State of the Polar Endure Record 2019

By means of Susan Crockford, GWPF, Feb 27, 2020

https://www.thegwpf.org/content material/uploads/2020/02/StatePB2019.pdf

‘The Ethical Case for Fossil Fuels’ Alarms the Alarmists

By means of Robert Bradley Jr. Grasp Useful resource, Feb 24, 2020


Protecting the Orthodoxy

Record warns weather exchange may perhaps grow to be ‘catastrophic’ international, nationwide safety risk

By means of Rebecca Klar, The Hill, Feb 24, 2020 [H/t WUWT]


Hyperlink to document: A Safety Danger Evaluation of World Local weather Trade

By means of Personnel, Nationwide Safety, Army and Intelligence Panel on Local weather Trade, Feb 24, 2020


[SEPP Comment: A bigger threat to national security is believing this non-science and switching to unreliable, unpredictable wind and solar power.]

The True Worth of Carbon

By means of Gernot Wagner, Undertaking Syndicate, Feb 28, 2020


[SEPP Comment: Two problems that the models and the article ignore: 1) the use of the wrong data to calculate the influence of greenhouse gases on climate; and 2) failure to recognize the benefits of CO2 enrichment.]

UNESCO: Prosecute Local weather Criminals

If citizens elect leaders who reject weather treaties, the ones leaders will probably be dragged ahead of a world courtroom. The UN: neutralizing dissent a technique or any other.

By means of Donna Laframboise, Giant Image Information, Feb 24, 2020


Hyperlink to article: Local weather crimes should be delivered to justice

By means of Catriona McKinnon, The UNESCO Courier, Feb 15, 2020


From the UNESCO article: “Local weather denial has higher the danger of catastrophic international exchange. Must foreign prison legislation be used in opposition to those that advertise this bad development? Financial and political leaders can not fake it’s industry as standard. Whether or not they actively induce environmental hurt or simply forget about the existential risk in opposition to the survival of the human species, states and firms should be held answerable for their movements or inactiveness referring to weather exchange.”

[SEPP Comment: Donna Laframboise exposes how UNESCO is frightening children about catastrophic climate change. Without strong supporting physical evidence can if be considered a form of child abuse? Should the leadership of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization be prosecuted for child abuse?]

Former UN Local weather Leader Calls For Civil Disobedience

By means of Jeff McMahon, Inexperienced Tech, By way of Forbes, Feb 24, 2020 [H/t Dennis Ambler]


[SEPP Comment: She did not get her $100 billion per year, so its civilization’s fault!]

New Heathrow Runway Thrown Out By means of Judges

By means of Paul Homewood, No longer a Lot of Other folks Know That, Feb 27, 2020


“In the meantime China is making plans to double its selection of airports, consistent with CNN ultimate 12 months:”

Wondering the Orthodoxy

Abstract Of UK Air Pollution – 2018

By means of Paul Homewood, No longer a Lot of Other folks Know That, Feb 27, 2020


“With emissions falling abruptly, the case for banning petrol/diesel vehicles for pollutants causes turns into ever weaker.”

The Misuse of RCP8.Five Regularly Comes to a Gross sales Pitch

By means of Roger Pielke, His Weblog, Feb 27, 2020


Why are polar bears going extinct?

By means of Susan Crockford, Her Weblog, Feb 24, 2020


[SEPP Remark: On the finish, Crockford discusses a declare via WWF: “‘As a result of ongoing and doable lack of their sea ice habitat on account of weather exchange, polar bears have been indexed as a threatened species in the United States beneath the Endangered Species Act in Might 2008. The survival and the safety of the polar undergo habitat are pressing problems for WWF.’” WWF founders come with the Duke of Edinburg and Godfrey Rockefeller. The 2013 income of the WWF was once estimated at 650 million kilos. It receives investment from the Global Financial institution, USAID, the United Kingdom Division for World Construction. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Wide_Fund_for_Nature]

What fee carbon neutrality?

By means of John Robson, Local weather Dialogue Nexus, Feb 26, 2020


Ward off or get driven over

By means of John Robson, Local weather Dialogue Nexus, Feb 26, 2020


Trade in US Administrations

Reining in regulatory darkish topic

By means of Wayne Crews and Ryan Younger, The Hill, Dec 27, 2018


Trump’s Efforts to Reform Environmental Have an effect on Statements Draw Cheers, Jeers

By means of Kevin Mooney, Epoch Instances, Feb 19, 2020


New Internal rule would restrict which medical reviews firm can believe

By means of Rebecca Beitsch, The Hill, Feb 26, 2020


“The Internal Division is pushing forward with a arguable proposal that will restrict the firm from making an allowance for medical reviews that don’t make all in their underlying records public.”

Science, Coverage, and Proof

Australian fires: Local weather ‘reality bomb’?

By means of Alan Longhurst, Local weather And so forth. Feb 24, 2020


Royal Fee on Fires in accordance with Delusion of Warmer-Drier Summer season

By means of Jo Nova, Her Weblog, Feb 22, 2020


Assessment of Contemporary Medical Articles via CO2 Science

Western Juniper Reaction to Expanding Temperature, Drought and CO2

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The Lengthy-term Tolerance of Massive Panda Habitat to Local weather Trade

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Interactive Results of CO2 and Drought Pressure on Millet

Nematpour, A., Eshghizadeh, H.R. and Abraheh, M. 2019. Interactive results of CO2 and nitrogen delivery on enlargement and physiological characteristics of millet cultivars beneath drought pressure. Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science 44: doi.org/10.1080/03650340.2019.1631450. Feb 21, 2020


Fashions v. Observations

Fashions overstate Arctic warming

By means of John Robson, Local weather Dialogue Nexus, Feb 26, 2020


Hyperlink to paper: The Amplified Arctic Warming within the Contemporary A long time could Have Been Puffed up via CMIP5 Fashions

By means of Jianbin Huang, et al., Geophysical Analysis Letters, Nov Three, 2019


Size Problems — Floor

NOAA/BOM Knowledge Tampering Replace

By means of Tony Heller, Actual Local weather Science, Feb 26, 2020


[SEPP Comment: Changing maximum temperatures.]

ACORN changes robbed Marble Bar of its mythical international checklist. Demise Valley now longest most popular position

By means of Jo Nova, Her Weblog, Feb 26, 2020


[SEPP Remark: Without a doubt, in 2020 the Bureau of Meteorology’s Australian Local weather Remark Reference Community (ACORN) is aware of precisely what the temperatures genuinely have been in 1923/24!]

Converting Climate

Why Must the U.S. Be the Chief in Numerical Climate Prediction?

By means of Cliff Mass, Climate Weblog, Feb 25, 2020


Additionally see:

https://www2.cisl.ucar.edu/assets/computational-systems/cheyenne and


L. a. Nina could variety within the equatorial Pacific Ocean later this 12 months and, if that is so, it will have wide-ranging ramifications

By means of Paul Dorian, Perspecta, Inc. By way of WUWT, Feb 28, 2020


Local weather Hysteria and Flooding within the Nice Lakes

By means of Donn Dears, Energy For USA, Feb 28, 2020


South Yorkshire Floods Revisited

By means of Paul Homewood, No longer a Lot of Other folks Know That, Feb 24, 2020


Fires not sizzling

By means of John Robson, Local weather Dialogue Nexus, Feb 26, 2020


Converting Local weather

Freshwater flowing into the North Pacific performs key position in North The us’s weather

By means of Personnel Writers, Corvallis OR (SPX), Feb 27, 2020


Hyperlink to paper: The position of Northeast Pacific meltwater occasions in deglacial weather exchange

By means of Summer season Ok. Praetorius, et al., Science Advances, Feb 26, 2020

https://advances.sciencemag.org/content material/6/Nine/eaay2915

[SEPP Comment: 19,000 to 11,000 years ago.]

Large shops of Arctic sea ice most probably contributed to beyond weather cooling

By means of Personnel Writers, Amherst MA (SPX) Feb 24, 2020


Hyperlink to paper: Arctic sea ice export as a motive force of deglacial weather

Alan Condron, Anthony J. Joyce, Raymond S. Bradley, Geology, Jan 31, 2020


Earth’s glacial cycles enhanced via Antarctic sea-ice

By means of Personnel Writers, Busan, South Korea (SPX), Feb 24, 2020


Hyperlink to paper: Timing and magnitude of Southern Ocean sea ice/carbon cycle feedbacks

By means of Karl Stein, et al., PNAS, Feb 18, 2020

https://www.pnas.org/content material/early/2020/02/11/1908670117

Converting Seas

New Find out about: A Large Cooling Of two°C In Eight Years (2008-2016) Has Jolted Huge Areas Of The North Atlantic

By means of Kenneth Richard, No Methods Zone, Feb 24, 2020


Hyperlink to 1 paper: No Get right of entry to Aid in Ocean Warmth Delivery at 26°N since 2008 Cools the Jap Subpolar Gyre of the North Atlantic Ocean

By means of Harry Bryden, et al., Magazine of Local weather, Jan 24, 2020


Boston tide social gathering

By means of John Robson, Local weather Dialogue Nexus, Feb 26, 2020


Converting Cryosphere – Land / Sea Ice

Trade Of Arctic Analysis Team Will get Not on time As Provide Ice Breaker Blocked By means of Sudden “Dense Sea Ice”

By means of P Gosselin, No Methods Zone, Feb 26, 2020


“The price of the Polarstern MOSAiC expedition is 160 million euros.”

[SEPP Remark: The picket send Fram, designed so freezing ice would push it up, charge a small fraction of that for its Three-year Arctic voyage beginning in 1893. The Fram additionally was once utilized by Roald Amundsen, the primary to succeed in the South Pole, 1910-1912. https://www.visitoslo.com/en/product/?tlp=2982663&identify=Fram-Museum–The-Polar-Send-Fram]

Quantity Of Research Display Glaciers Across the world Had been Smaller In Contemporary Previous Than As of late!

Former Iceland High Minister bored to death with weather tourism: Glaciers was once smaller than as we speak

By means of Die kalte Sonne [German text translated by P. Gosselin], No Methods Zone, Feb 25, 2020


Customary Sea Ice Extent At Each Poles

By means of Tony Heller, Actual Local weather Science, Feb 26, 2020


Claims polar undergo cannibalism on the upward push in Russian Arctic now not supported via info

By means of Susan Crockford, Polar Endure Science, Feb 26, 2020


New Analysis: Polar Bears’ Seal Nutrition Hasn’t Modified…Their Frame Situation Is Easiest After Sea Ice Breaks Up

By means of Kenneth Richard, No Methods Zone, Feb 27, 2020


Decreasing Requirements

BBC Claimed Extinction Rebel Activists in Cardboard Helmets Had been Actual Miners

By means of James Delingpole, Breitbart, Feb 28, 2020


Speaking Higher to the Public – Use Yellow (Inexperienced) Journalism?

Oil and gasoline manufacturing is contributing much more to international warming than was once idea, learn unearths

By means of Drew Kann, CNN, Feb 19, 2020 [H/t Ken Schlichte]


“Amongst greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide is probably the most important contributor to international warming and subsequently, public enemy No. 1 in terms of preventing the weather disaster.”

[SEPP Comment: The statement is false, water vapor is the dominant greenhouse gas. In the 1979 Charney Report, it was assumed that increasing water vapor would greatly increase CO2-caused warming. But this is not happening. Assumptions trump evidence?]

‘Anti-Greta’ youngster activist to talk at greatest US conservatives convention

By means of David Smith, The Father or mother, Feb 26, 2020 [H/t Paul Sheridan]


“Connor Gibson, a researcher for Greenpeace USA, mentioned: ‘Local weather science is known via a majority of American citizens, liberal and conservative alike. Sadly, you received’t meet any of the ones folks, or any weather scientists, at an match like CPAC.

“‘The Heartland Institute is funneling nameless cash from the United States to weather denial in different international locations. It is determined by the media to advance false equivalence methods to try to normalise fringe ideals. Local weather denial isn’t a victimless crime, and it’s time for the perpetrators to be held responsible.’”

[SEPP Remark: In step with IRS filings the income of Heartland is lower than $6 million, the income for Greenpeace Fund Inc. is over $16 million. The 2018 income for Greenpeace World was once 83,940,000 EUR (about $92.Five million) https://garage.googleapis.com/planet4-international-stateless/2019/06/de3fd269-gpi-combined-financial-statements-2018.pdf]

Feds reject removing of four Decrease Snake River dams in key document

By means of Hal Bernton and Lynda V. Mapes. Seattle Instances, Feb 28, 2020


Hyperlink to draft document and remark length; Columbia River Machine Operations EIS

February 28 – April 13, 2020


Moderate lifespan of pacific salmon is Four to five years


[SEPP Comment: The dams were built in the 1960s & 70’s, about 10 salmon generations ago. Now, ten generations later, they are causing declining fish stocks threatening endangered southern resident orcas?]

Speaking Higher to the Public – Exaggerate, or be Obscure?

Sins of emission section 2

By means of John Robson, Local weather Dialogue Nexus, Feb 26, 2020


Speaking Higher to the Public – Make issues up.

Six Instances Not anything Equals Not anything

By means of Tony Heller, Actual Local weather Science, Feb 24, 2020


[SEPP Comment: Manhattan is about to drown?]

4d’s — brush off the message, distort the info, distract the target audience, and categorical dismay at the entire thing.

By means of Geoff Davies (?), The Australian Local weather Sceptics Weblog, Feb 27, 2020


To organize weather strikers for the long run, we wish to rewrite the historical past books

By means of Amanda Energy, The Dialog, Feb 25, 2020


Is It True, Or Did You Listen It On CNN?

By means of Tony Heller, Actual Local weather Science, Feb 25, 2020



[SEPP Comment: Human diversion of water from the Colorado River on the west side of the Rocky Mountains to the east side of the Rocky Mountains is caused by climate change?]

Wondering Eu Inexperienced

Value Of ‘Web 0’ Will Be Astronomical, New Record

Press Unlock, GWPF, Feb 24, 2020


Hyperlink to new releases: £Three Trillion and Counting,

By means of Andrew Montford, GWPF, 2020

https://www.thegwpf.org/content material/uploads/2020/02/ThreeTrillion-1.pdf

Hyperlink to reviews: The Long term of GB Electrical energy Provide: Safety, Value and Emissions in a Web-zero Machine,

By means of Colin Gibson and Capell Aris, GWPF, 2020

https://www.thegwpf.org/content material/uploads/2020/02/FESnetzero.pdf

The mind-boggling charge of Web 0

By means of Harry Wilkinson, The Conservative Lady, Feb 25, 2020

https://conservativewoman.co.united kingdom/the-mind-boggling-cost-of-net-zero/

Knowledgeable: German Coal Go out Will Value 80 Billion Euros, However “Adjustments Europe CO2 Emissions By means of Zero”

By means of P Gosselin, No Methods Zone, Feb 22, 2020


Who guidelines Britain? Activist Judges. Paris is the excuse to let the deep state run amok. Get out now.

By means of Jo Nova, Her Weblog, Feb 29, 2020


Wondering Inexperienced In other places

What the Inexperienced New Deal May just Value a Standard Family

A Framework to Estimate the Minimal Prices to Restructure American Society In step with the Inexperienced New Deal for 11 States and Greater than a Quarter of American citizens

By means of Kent Lassman and Daniel Turner, CEI, Feb 26, 2020

https://cei.org/content material/what-green-new-deal-could-cost-typical-household-Zero

Find out about: Inexperienced New Deal May just Value Families in 11 States at Least $70Ok — Simply within the First 12 months after Passage

By means of Kent Lassman, CEI, Feb 26, 2020

https://cei.org/content material/study-green-new-deal-could-cost-households-11-states-least-70k-just-first-year-after

AOC’s Inexperienced New Deal would charge $75Ok in line with family in first 12 months: Find out about

Record via free-market teams predicts solution would cause financial despair

By means of Valerie Richardson, The Washing Instances, Feb 26, 2020


Web-0 via 2050? Albanese Is going for Broke

By means of Tony Thomas, Quadrant, Feb 24, 2020


Non-Inexperienced Jobs

Business organization warns fracking ban may perhaps charge 7.5M jobs in US

By means of Kaelan Deese, The Hill, Feb 27, 2020


Hyperlink to document: The us’s Growth at Chance: An Financial Research of a Ban on Fracking and Federal Leasing for Herbal Gasoline and Oil Construction

By means of Personnel, American Petroleum Institute, 2020


Investment Problems

Trump management freezes investment for learn of storm obstacles: document

By means of Kaelan Deese, The Hill, Feb 26, 2020


“The Military Corps of Engineers estimated the surge barrier may perhaps charge round $110 billion, consistent with the Publish.”

The Political Video games Proceed

Republican Lawmakers Flee Oregon to Save you a Carbon Buying and selling Quorum

By means of Eric Worrall, WUWT, Feb 26, 2020


Litigation Problems

Pass judgement on voids oil and gasoline rentals on nearly 1 million acres of public lands

By means of Rachel Frazin, The Hill, Feb 28, 2020


[SEPP Remark: The object failed to speak about the ability of the choose. Ronald E. Bush is the Leader Justice of the Peace Pass judgement on of the U.S. District Courtroom for the District of Idaho. Thus, the authority of the courtroom does now not prolong past Idaho. Additionally, he isn’t the Leader Pass judgement on. https://www.identity.uscourts.gov/district/judges/bush/General_Information.cfm]

Cap-and-Industry and Carbon Taxes

Drax Need A Upper Carbon Worth–I Marvel Why!

By means of Paul Homewood, No longer a Lot of Other folks Know That, Feb 26, 2020


Power Problems – Non-US

A Query of Energy: Electrical energy and the Wealth of International locations

By means of Robert Bryce, Reviewed via Richard N. Cooper, International Affairs, March/April 2020


Britons FURIOUS as coal and wooden fires to be banned – ‘What a load of garbage!’

FURIOUS BRITONS have condemned the Executive for its current environmental initiative that can see householders banned from utilizing probably the most pollutant fuels on their open fires, wooden burners and stoves.

By means of Emily Ferguson, Categorical, UK, Feb 22, 2020

https://www.categorical.co.united kingdom/information/united kingdom/1245785/UK-news-coal-wood-fire-ban-latest-climate-change-fossil-fuels-george-eustice

Mining Corporate Withdraws From $20B Oil Sands Undertaking — Bringing up Trudeau’s Environmental Insurance policies

By means of David Krayden, Day-to-day Caller, Feb 24, 2020


What Boris Johnson Must Know About Innovation

By means of Matt Ridley, Rational Optimist, Feb 24, 2020


Power Problems – Australia

Australia installs extra renewables than anyplace else yet nationwide emissions reside the similar

By means of Jo Nova, Her Weblog, Feb 25, 2020


Hyperlink to paper: Australia: the renewable calories famous person

By means of Andrew Blakers, Matthew Shares, Bin Lu, ANU Analysis Faculty of Electric, Power and Fabrics Engineering [Australian National University], Feb Eight, 2019


[SEPP Comment: The 2019 estimate for Australia is an annual per-capita renewables deployment rate is 250 watts per person per year. In 2017, for Germany it was 100 watts per person per year, for UK it was about 80 and for the USA it was under 50.]

Power Problems — US

The 12 months Wind Surpassed Hydro because the Most sensible Renewable within the U.S.

By means of Aaron Larson, Energy Magazine, Feb 27, 2020


[SEPP Comment: Mixing apples with oranges. Hydro-power is predictable, wind is not.]

Charter Pipeline task ends as builder cites ‘decreased’ go back on funding

By means of Scott Blanchard, State Have an effect on, PA, Feb 25, 2020


“A pipeline builder has dropped a arguable task that will have routed fracked pure gasoline from Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale into New York.”

Washington’s Keep an eye on of Power

Trump management resuming coal leasing on public lands

By means of Rachel Frazin, The Hill, Feb 26, 2020


Oil and Herbal Gasoline – the Long term or the Previous?

Herbal gasoline is crushing wind and solar energy — Why isn’t anybody speaking about it?

The shale oil and gasoline revolution assists in keeping rolling on — yet nobody is speaking about it.

By means of Stephen Moore, Fox Information, Feb 25, 2020


The Glaring Fact Of Extra U.S. Oil And Herbal Gasoline

By means of Jude Clemente, Forbes, Feb 23, 2020


BP withdraws from teams, bringing up weather disagreements

By means of Rebecca Beitsch, The Hill, Feb 26, 2020


“Professionals’ Open Letter to 2020 Applicants Promotes Oil & Herbal Gasoline”

By means of Robert Bradley Jr. Grasp Useful resource, Feb 26, 2020


Japan Will Stay A Key Marketplace For U.S. Liquefied Herbal Gasoline

By means of Jude Clemente, Forbes, Feb 26, 2020


Nuclear Power and Fears

Believing Misconceptions and Incorrect information Surrounding Power Answers May just Be Fairly Expensive

By means of Jakob Puckett, Actual Transparent Power, Feb 25, 2020


Carbon-free nuclear persistent in a disaster simply when it’s maximum essential

Nuclear calories can produce carbon-free persistent, yet struggles to maintain itself in festival with cheap pure gasoline and renewables like photo voltaic and wind.

By means of Benjamin J. Hulac, Roll Name, Feb 26, 2020


[SEPP Comment: The levelized cost estimates are highly misleading because they do not include the costs of needed backup when wind and solar fail.]

Selection, Inexperienced (“Blank”) Sun and Wind

Hanging Sun in The entire Mistaken Puts

Top retail electrical energy costs, now not financial price, are riding U.S. investments in rooftop photo voltaic.

By means of Lucas Davis, Power Institute at Hass, Jan 28, 2020


Hyperlink to paper: Do Two Electrical energy Pricing Wrongs Make a Proper? Value Restoration, Externalities, and Potency

By means of Severin Borenstein and James Bushnell, Power Institute at Hass, July 2019


TECO Pronounces $800-Million Funding in New Sun

By means of Darrell Proctor, Energy Magazine, Feb 20, 2020


“…so as to add any other 600 MW of solar energy technology capability via year-end 2023. TECO on Wednesday mentioned the growth will build up its photo voltaic portfolio to greater than 1.25 GW of photo voltaic technology, or about 14% of its overall technology combine.”

“Probably the most software’s greatest ongoing initiatives is the set up of gas-fired mixed cycle generation at its Giant Bend plant at Apollo Seaside. The Giant Bend Modernization task, which incorporates the conversion of Unit 1 and closure of Unit 2, is predicted to be finished in 2023. The transformed facility may have 1,090 MW of technology capability.”

[SEPP Comment: Which will it rely on at night?]

Energy Grid Vulnerability Uncovered: Typhoon, Top Winds Lead To Energy Outages Over Huge Spaces Of Germany

By means of P Gosselin, No Methods Zone, Feb 28, 2020


Selection, Inexperienced (“Blank”) Power — Different

How A lot Will Hydrogen-Primarily based Energy Value?

By means of Sonal Patel, Energy Magazine, Feb 27, 2020


Selection, Inexperienced (“Blank”) Power — Garage

Gravity Garage of Electrical energy

By means of Donn Dears, Energy For USA, Feb 25, 2020


[SEPP Comment: A 400-foot energy vault for every neighborhood?]

Shell’s New Battery Gained’t Clear up Wind Intermittency Downside

By means of Paul Homewood, No longer a Lot of Other folks Know That, Feb 22, 2020


“In step with Shell’s blurb, the battery will retailer 100 MWh. UK wind output is operating on reasonable at 60 TWh a 12 months, which equates to 6854 MWh in line with hour. In different phrases, Shell’s new glossy battery will most effective be capable to substitute wind output for lower than a minute, if the wind stopped blowing.”

Selection, Inexperienced (“Blank”) Automobiles

German Love Affair With Robust Automobiles Continues Unabated…Horsepower Of Registered New Automobiles Hit Document Top

By means of P Gosselin, No Methods Zone, Feb 23, 2020


Montreal ends electrical scooter experiment, bringing up ‘dysfunction’

By means of Personnel AFP, Feb 19, 2020


Well being, Power, and Local weather

Are Britain’s pollutants phases genuinely a public fitness emergency?

By means of Paul Homewood, No longer a Lot of Other folks Know That, Feb 27, 2020


“It’s price recalling that the Nice Smog of December 1952, extensively considered an environmental disaster, killed most effective Four,000 folks in London. Can it genuinely be true that air pollutants is now killing greater than two times that quantity annually within the capital, and ten to 15 instances as many national?”

“Within the phrases of Brighton breathing doctor Anthony Frew, who served at the unique Royal Faculty of Physicians running social gathering on air pollutants, the declare of Nine,000 deaths in London is a ‘zombie statistic – on the other hand a lot you attempt to kill it, it comes again and it’s merely now not true’.”

There’s a Virus Spreading in U.S. That’s Killed 10,000: The Flu

By means of Dennis Thompson, Well being Day Information, Feb 7, 2020 [H/t WUWT]

http://pennstatehershey.adam.com/content material.aspx?productid=35&gid=11639

Hyperlink to CDC web page on Coronavirus: Coronavirus Illness 2019 (COVID-19)

By means of Personnel, Facilities for Illness Keep an eye on and Prevention, Accessed Feb 27, 2020


Different Medical Information

A thousand million-year-old inexperienced seaweed fossils unearthed in China

By means of Brooks Hays, Washington DC (UPI), Feb 24, 2020


Hyperlink to paper: A one-billion-year-old multicellular chlorophyte

By means of Qing Tang, et al., Nature; Ecology & Evolution, Feb 24, 2020


Astronomers come across greatest explosion within the historical past of the universe [since the Big Bang?]

Press Unlock, World Centre for Radio Astronomy Analysis, Feb 28, 2020 [H/t WUWT]


“The blast got here from a supermassive black hollow on the centre of a galaxy masses of thousands and thousands of light-years away. [about 390 million light-years from Earth]

“’But it surely took place very slowly—like an explosion in sluggish movement that happened over masses of thousands and thousands of years.’”

Digging into the a ways facet of the moon: Chang’E-Four probes 40 meters into lunar floor

Press Unlock, Chinese language Academy of Sciences, Feb 26, 2020


NASA prepares for brand new science flights above coastal Louisiana

By means of Esprit Smith for NASA Earth Science Information, Pasadena CA (JPL), Feb 21, 2020


“Delta-X reviews the Mississippi River Delta in the USA, which is rising and sinking in several places.”

Magnetic box at Martian floor ten instances more potent than anticipated

By means of Personnel Writers, Vancouver, Canada (SPX), Feb 25, 2020


Hyperlink to paper: Crustal and time-varying magnetic fields on the InSight touchdown website online on Mars

By means of Catherine L. Johnson, Nature, Geoscience, Feb 24, 2020



Why No longer Offset All The United Kingdom’s Emissions?

By means of Paul Homewood, No longer a Lot of Other folks Know That, Feb 26, 2020


The use of Twitter Quantity as Medical Measure of “Local weather Trade” Is a Very, Very, Dangerous Thought

By means of Anthony Watts, WUWT, Feb 25, 2020



Africa’s Locust Plague Presentations the Risk of Inexperienced Colonialism

Large swarms consume plants, whilst Eu environmentalists search to prohibit pesticides.

By means of Richard Tren, WSJ, Feb 24, 2020


The co-founder of Africa Preventing Malaria writes:

A pandemic of locusts has hit Africa. Large swarms are devouring plants and different plants of their trail, imperiling thousands and thousands and surroundings the degree for a humanitarian crisis. On his latest consult with to 3 African international locations, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo dedicated a welcome $Eight million to assist in locust keep an eye on. If the U.S. genuinely desires to lend a hand, it might stand company in opposition to the unconventional anti-insecticide schedule.

The barren region locust, which the United International locations Meals and Agriculture Group describes as ‘probably the most harmful migratory pest on this planet,’ can fly so far as 120 miles an afternoon. Tens of billions of locusts can trip in the similar swarm. The FAO says that locust swarms now threaten meals safety and livelihoods in Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, and Uganda in addition to the Arabian Peninsula. Kenya has been hit particularly arduous. One swarm there measures 37 via 25 miles, and agricultural officers there estimate that 1.2 million acres of pasture and cropland have already been destroyed. The U.N. says that greater than 20 million folks in East Africa are dealing with meals shortages.

One of the best ways to forestall the locusts is to spray insecticide from the air. Sadly, Kenya lacks ok provides of the most productive and best insecticide, fenitrothion, and is scrambling to get further shares. The novel environmental motion, which seeks to prohibit fenitrothion and different protected and efficient chemical substances, has made Kenyan government’ paintings tougher.

Since ultimate September, Eu Union-funded nongovernmental organizations in Kenya were petitioning the Kenyan Parliament to prohibit greater than 250 registered agricultural pesticides. Primary amongst those teams is the Path to Meals Initiative, funded via the Heinrich Böll Basis, which in flip is affiliated with the German Inexperienced Birthday party. The chemical substances the Vegetables search to prohibit are crucial for controlling now not most effective locusts but in addition commonplace agricultural pests, weeds and fungi. At the same time as locusts devastate Kenyan plants, NGO lobbyists proceed their anti-insecticide campaign.

Whilst the swarms of barren region locust provide an pressing risk, Africa’s farmers face numerous different pests that scale back crop yields. The autumn armyworm, a caterpillar local to the Americas, arrived in Africa in 2016 and now impacts lots of the continent. The pest feeds on many plants yet prefers corn, a staple in lots of African international locations, and already it has lowered yields via up to 50% in some international locations.

Within the Americas, farmers set up the autumn armyworm utilizing a mixture of genetically changed plants and pesticides. In Africa, the place governments ban maximum GM plants and shortage insecticide, farmers are nearly defenseless. The FAO must be running additional time to lend a hand African governments take care of the issue in the similar manner the U.S. has. As an alternative it sort of feels in thrall to a Eu environmentalist schedule that eschews fashionable pesticides and would have African farmers pluck the caterpillars one after the other. The FAO’s ‘agro-ecology schedule’ additionally seeks to prohibit fashionable insecticides, hinder mechanization or even scale back international industry.

Pesticides are crucial now not most effective to trendy agriculture but in addition for public fitness. They offer protection to folks from mosquitoes, fleas, sand flies and different pests that transmit numerous parasitic and viral sicknesses that declare thousands and thousands of lives annually.

The U.S. ambassador to the FAO, Kip Tom, is taking a lonely stand by contrast luddite anti-pesticide schedule.

The creator discusses that the United States ambassador criticized FAO individuals in a US Division of Agriculture discussion board, then states:

Mr. Pompeo referred to as on African international locations to liberalize their economies and enact reforms to draw buyers. That is sensible recommendation, and plenty of African international locations are following it already. Reform and liberalization build up prosperity and fortify sovereignty. Following thru on agricultural reforms would make African international locations much less reliant on paternalistic donors from the EU and U.N.

Africans can let overseas donors play out their ideological fantasies in Africa, like colonialists of yore. Or they are able to ship them house, the place, thank you to trendy farming generation, they’ve the privilege of complete grocery store cabinets.

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